Newton Waterproofing Recycling Service

20 Sep 2022

Now in its fifth full year, the award-winning and free Newton Recycling Service is still pushing sustainability best practice in UK waterproofing. This includes the biggest development in 2021, expanding the service to also recycle plastic and metal bottles and containers through a new partnership with a leading specialist in hazardous waste management.

Another trend that became increasingly clear in 2021 was the efficiency with which Newton’s specialist contractors are using their materials – whilst this is resulting in less material returned for recycling, it also means that there is less waste being created in the first place. Thanks to the reports generated by the service, it enables the contractors to see exactly how much they are recycling and how this affects their overall material efficiency.

As detailed in our their fifth annual Sustainability Report, Newton Waterproofing recycled 2.608 tonnes of membrane in 2021 by collecting 126 bags of waste membrane offcuts.

This avoided the production of 2.99 tonnes of carbon dioxide – the equivalent to over 11,712 kilowatt-hours of energy, which would be enough energy to make 416,453 mugs of tea.

Newton's 2021 Sustainability Report is available to read using the download button below. The report provides more information on our industry-first Recycling Service, as well as their certification to the BES 6001 standard by BRE Global, how the Newton CDM System contributes to the BREEAM score and Newton's long-standing partnership with Surfers Against Sewage, a UK marine conservation charity.