A warm welcome to GGS

10 Aug 2021

The Basement Information Centre is pleased to announce that GGS – Ground Gas Solutions have recently joined as members and we would like to give them a warm welcome. John Naylor from GGS is one of the lead authors on the recently published Ground Gases guidance document and we look forward to continuing to work with GGS on sharing best practice guidance for basement design and construction.
GGS is the UK's leading environmental consultancy specialising in continuous ground gas data capture, analysis and interpretation to inform risk assessment and remedial design. Their expert team of highly trained specialists use the full range of gas monitoring techniques and technologies to provide expert advice to their clients.
With a reputation built on over ten years of delivering cost-effective and efficient projects, GGS's commitment to innovative technology makes GGS first choice for providing real solutions to complex problems.
If you would like to know more or require any of GGS's services, please visit their profile page where you will find all the necessary details.

If you would like to purchase the Ground Gases guidance document please click here.